At IMEDEXSA we offer personalised service to successfully complete each project, based on a spirit of collaboration with the customer, so that the results are tailored to the specific needs of each project. Our technical support team is available to customers to help solve any issues or questions that may arise regarding their lines.


At IMEDEXSA we use cutting-edge machinery, including more than 50 devices with CNC systems and automation throughout all areas, which enables us to offer customers top quality products at very competitive prices. This technology not only gives our structures an impeccable finish, but it also makes the products fully traceable.


We offer our customers the expertise afforded by our lengthy experience, highly qualified employees and the newest technology for structural design, calculation and development, thus satisfying all the specific needs of our customers.


Imedexsa has the largest catalogue on the market up to 400kV, and it can be viewed online, downloaded or in print. All of our articles are available for technical consultation in our Products section.


Our employees develop their professional career through training that is adapted to the needs of the individuals and the workforce as a whole, and we promote a spirit of cooperation and respect for everyone involved in IMEDEXSA: customers, employees, suppliers and all of our other stakeholders.


We are constantly innovating to provide solutions to the latest market demands and to anticipate trends, seeking profitability in all our projects by using available resources, developing proprietary programmes and investing in cutting-edge machinery.

Plant 1: Casar de Cáceres, Spain (15.500 m2)

  • Since 1979.
  • Main raw materials storage facility.
  • Numerical control production lines for corner profiles (L).
  • Robotic and semi-automated welding lines.

Internal laboratory for materials testing.

Plant 2: Santiago del Campo, Spain (28.500 m2)

  • Since 2,012.
  • Numerical control production lines for structural profiles (U, H, I, hollow section…).
  • Numerical control steel sheet production lines.
  • Hardware storage facility.
  • Main finished product storage facility and delivery logistics centre.

Casar de Cáceres (Spain)

Santiago del Campo (Spain)



✔ Cutting-edge numerical control production systems: cutting, drilling, punching, plasma…

✔ Robotic and semi-automated welding processes meeting the strictest quality standards.

✔ Experience in manufacturing all kinds of steel profiles (L, I, H, U, hollow section…) and plates.

✔ Fully integrated computerised communication system connecting the different areas of the company:


✔ Workforce of more than 250 highly qualified individuals.

✔ Production capacity of more than 30,000 tonne/year.