If you would like to work with our High Voltage Overhead Line Calculation Programme, you can download it free of charge at the following links. Then you must activate the programme by filling out the activation form. Completely free of charge.

Mejoras de la versión 15.0

  • Available in Spanish, English and French.
  • Anchoring supports to the ground. This is useful in order to modify the design of the line while maintaining the supports in a fixed position on the ground, meaning that the anchored supports are not deleted or moved when you undo the layout.
  • When calculating supports, not only families can be disabled, but also forces, tops, cross arms, peaks and bodies can be disabled separately within a family.
  • Display options. In the definitive profile, there are different display options for distances and catenary display (sag with customised conditions).
  • New options for exporting to AutoCAD. In addition to exporting with display options that are similar to the definitive profile, you can also choose the AutoCAD file format.


Version 12 enhancements

  • Optimisation of tetrablock foundations:
    • Optimising foundations in line with the specific load structures of each support.
    • A foundation type (straight square, square pad and chimney, circular pad and chimney) can be selected for each support in the line.
    • When the optimised foundation is chosen, these dimensions are selected and can be exported to the project documentation and to AutoCAD.
    • Generation of detailed reports.
  • Swift calculation:
    • After the line has been calculated, if changes are made to one or more supports, prompting the need to calculate them again, the other supports are not recalculated, just the affected ones, which considerably reduces the amount of time used and avoids unnecessary and repetitive tasks for the user.
  • HAR series added:
    • A new series, Halcón Real (HAR), has been added.
    • The supports HA-7000, HA-9000 and HA-13000 have been removed from the support selection. Although they are still in the database to be selected when opening previous lines, they will not be selected in new calculations.
  • New 3D line and support display module:
    • Line display module:
      • The calculated line can be displayed in 3D, completely or per district.
      • Real-time calculation and display of different stringing conditions.
      • Representation of conductors and supports with actual measurements.
      • Display of actual projection area on the ground.
      • General line report printout.
      • Support display module.
  • Support display module:
    • By contacting Imedexsa, you can receive and view the actual architecture of each support.
    • Detailed information of each support bar.
    • Colour-coded display of the force on each bar.
    • Customised report printouts with specific architecture information.


Version 11.1 enhancements

  • Supports can be checked and selected according to minimum distances and load structures.

New programme module in which minimum distances are entered (for cage and useful height of supports), load structures are entered (for the calculation hypotheses), and the results screen shows the selected supports, just as if the supports of a line had been calculated. Customised calculation of supports is also possible.

  • Enhanced semi-automatic site layout.

New automatic site layout and calculation option. The layout is done with the aim of optimising the supports. This layout is followed by a calculation of the line with optimised heights and automatic adjustment of strangled lines.

  • Updated database.
  • Modified reports and specifications.


Version 11 enhancements

  • A database containing polymer insulators has been added.
  • When selecting the insulators, the user specifies whether single strings or double strings are preferred.
  • Insulator strings exported to Google Earth.
  • The user can customise the budget rates.
  • Lines with double protective conductor (double peak supports).
  • Export to Google Earth updated for double peak supports.
  • Generation of RBDA.
  • Updated database.
  • Modified reports and specifications.


Version 10.1 enhancements

  • In the districts, zone B or C can be forced (always more restrictive).
  • The Ice+Wind option is enabled without necessarily being a special category.
  • Support selection criteria when we have supports of the same weight: 1st lowest hypothesis (lowest force) and smallest cross arms.
  • For support selection, if the support has a special height, the support weight is calculated by increasing the weight in line with the height.
  • The regulation span calculation formula was modified (it used to be for supports at the same elevation, and now the slope is taken into account).
  • The minimum sag is shown on the tension and sag chart.
  • Customisation of the constants for calculating the ice load and, consequently, the ice thickness on the conductors.
  • A formula is applied to control the maximum tension of the conductor at the end of the catenary.
  • On vaulted cross arms, the distance from the central conductor to the peak is specified.
  • The standard names of the conductors are added to the database.
  • At crossings with roads, rivers and railways, the angle at which they cross the line can be entered to correctly lay out the supports.
  • Exporting the strain and suspension insulator strings on the supports to Google Earth.
  • For duplex/triplex lines, the reduced distance to the ground mass is applied due to the separation between conductors in the same phase.
  • The 4th Hypothesis can be eliminated (if the requirements are met).
  • Automatically optimising the selected support heights, thus reducing the cost of the line.
  • Database updated with ÍCARO supports.


Version 10 enhancements

  • Calculation of overhanging right of way area per span of the definitive profile and export to AutoCAD.
  • Enhancements in exports to AutoCAD: Specification of stringing conditions per span and expanded data in the table.
  • Simultaneous correction of strangled supports.
  • Possible to change the stringing conditions (changing the conductor, tensions, temperature, wind, etc.) without undoing the layout, maintaining the position and heights of supports already entered, changing the catenary.
  • Series and forces can be disabled in the automatic calculation and later selected in the customised calculation.
  • In the automatic calculation, the tower force can be calculated.
  • Enhanced ground plan importing.
  • Enhancements in the entry of topographical data for “Without Site Layout”.
  • Verification of the distance between the phase conductor and protective conductor at the centre of the span.
  • Calculation of the horizontal distance to ground mass on corner supports.
  • Module for entering Plot/Land Registry Reference data.
  • Possible to open .imd files by double clicking.
  • Comparison of phase and protective sags in the spans. (The protective sag cannot be greater than the phase sag).
  • Calculation of connection supports.
  • Modified reports and specifications.
  • New series C (UNE 207017) support added.
  • Substantial improvement in exporting the line to Google Earth.


Version 9.1 enhancements

  • ZEPA (Birdlife) zone.
  • Users can easily customise the stringing conditions.
  • Distinction between strain and suspension insulator strings.
  • Automatic import of crossings (identified in layers) from AutoCAD files.
  • Inclusion of User’s Manual.
  • Generation of detailed reports on selected supports:
    • Cage geometry.
    • Maximum force of the supports.
    • Graphic showing useful force + torque.
    • Graphic showing phase force/peak force.
  • Safety coefficients.
    • Graphic showing useful force + torque with maximum allowed values.
  • Generation of reports, supplements, budget, etc.
  • Reports printed in PDF format.
  • Topographical data imported from Excel (.csv).
  • Automatic generation of “virtual lines” in Google Earth.
  • Automatic application updater.


Mejoras versión 9.0

  • Version 9.0 enhancements
  • Adapted to Royal Decree 223/2008.
  • Support selection based on chosen criteria (lowest total cost, lowest weight, lowest foundation volume and highest number of monoblock supports).
  • Faster calculation speed.
  • Higher wind speeds with 160 km/h and 180 km/h.
  • New results windows.
  • Customised calculation enables the user to find out why a certain support is not valid.
  • The tension in the districts can be changed.
  • Calculation incident warnings.
  • Enhancements in space calculations.
  • Inserting farms and ranches.
  • Full user’s manual. -> (download)


Version 8.0 enhancements

  • Users can choose the desired foundations for supports with four footings (square pad and chimney foundations, square block foundations, circular foundations).
  • Verification of spacing.
  • Calculation of projection of conductors on the ground plan.
  • Calculation for wind speeds of 120 km/h, 130 km/h and 140 km/h.
  • Enables the user to perform customised calculations, choosing the series, cage distances and minimum safety coefficients.


Version 7.1 enhancements

  • Database containing insulators, clamps, fittings, protective elements and prices.
  • Electrical calculations.
  • Reports exported to Word (foreword, description, calculation, supplements on crossings, budget, basic health and safety study, technical specifications).
  • Importing profile and ground plan from AutoCAD at different scales.
  • Calculation of connections.
  • Easy correction of strangled points.
  • Horizontal force safety coefficients.


Version 6.2 enhancements

  • Line calculation with site layout.
  • Line calculation without site layout.
  • Analysis of the catenary. The performance of the catenary at different temperatures can be seen.
  • Choose the maximum stringing temperature.
  • Compatible with INSICA.
  • Import ground plan from AutoCAD.
  • Semi-automatic site layout.