Telecommunication tower

Telecommunication tower


These towers designed to hold the directional antennas frequently used for telephone and radio waves are very easy to assemble on site and composed of the following elements:

  • BODY: prism-shaped with a square or triangular section, made of equal size angle profiles. The useful height can be adjusted by bolting different segments together.
  • FOUNDATIONS:Small and medium height towers have monoblock foundations because of their small base size, offering a minimal footprint. Towers that have a height of more than 40 m and greater load requirements generally have separate footings for the foundations.
  • ACCESSORIES: : The towers can host a wide variety of accessories, which should be foreseen and defined (number of elements, location, etc.) in order to cover the customer’s specific needs: Antenna supports – Ladders – Rest platform – Work platforms – Life line anchoring accessories – Supports for waveguides – Supports for lightning rods – Safety cage – Supports for beacon lights

Lighting Tower


These have the same elements as the telecommunication towers, integrating panels for lighting at the top, for use in sport stadiums, recreational areas, etc.

  • Floodlight panel: : prism-shaped structure with a square or rectangular section, made of equal size angle profiles. Allowing for lighting to be attached in order to meet the customer’s specific lighting needs.

Given the wide variety of tower models in demand, our technical team can respond to any needs in terms of both higher wind speeds and heights and/or shapes other than those shown in our standard square section models.